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Anti vibration rubber for road roller

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Anti vibration rubber for road roller

Road roller anti vibration rubber is vulcanized by natural rubber, most of which in our company is produced through Injection Pressure Vulcanization. It is safer to use rubber vulcanization and can get higher splice. All the natural rubber is imported from Thailand and the bonding glue is imported from America, whose quality is guaranteed.

The damping rubber block can be applied to road roller and compactor of various types vehicles with different tonnage. The pure natural rubber is imported from Thailand, which can damp well, guarantee the normal operation of the machines and extend its service life.

The rubber block is produced according to the various demands and special needs of the customers. With a variety of sizes and hardness, the products can undergo frequency vibration test of up to 1200000 rpm and giant pull of 20 ton. What’s more, there are more than 100 projects for you to choose from.


1. Iron plate: Heat processing and painting anti-rust treatment;
2. Connection part: Strong sandblasting and glue treatment more than three times; stable properties;
3. Rubber: Tear-resistant and anti-aging; provide needed damping coefficient for various vehicles with different tonnage.

The functions of damping rubber blocks

During routine construction work, the road roller damping rubber block can effectively prevent the pass of the destructive vibration which is caused by vibration of the steel wheels. The rubber block is located between the steel wheel and the rack. The road roller damping block provides the operators with a comfortable environment, and the cost of maintenance is much lower.

1.The hardness of the road roller rubber damping block completely matches with the type and compaction.
2. The rubber damping block prevents the vibration from being passed to the steel wheel.
3. The rubber possesses the property of isolating vibration, guaranteeing the continuous highly-efficient operation.
4. No maintenance and the operation is simple.
5. Vibration is violated by the damping block and won’t be passed to the external environment.

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