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Concrete Mixer Blades for Sicoma Bhs Sany Liebherr

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Concrete Mixer Blades for Sicoma Bhs Sany Liebherr

A mixing equipment is a common mechanical equipment in engineering construction and industrial production. Whether the blade of mixer is used reasonably and accurately has a great impact on the mixing quality and efficiency of mixing equipment. The mixing blades are mainly used in the mixing system of various mixing plants. After all kinds of materials measured separately in the measuring hopper, the control system will send instructions to mix them in the mixing system in turn. A mixing blade is one of the quick-wear parts of the mixing plant for its heavy workload. Therefore, the quality of those quick-wear parts such as mixing blades directly affects the operation cost of mixing plants. In the mixing process of mixer, the blade in the mixing cylinder of mixer firstly circulates the mixed materials along the mixing cylinder longitudinally or horizontally. Therefore, if the view angle of blade device in the mixing process of mixer is relative small, it will cause the lack of axial rolling work in the mixing project of mixer, which has an impact on the mixing effect and mixing quality of mixture. Our company has more than ten years of experience in the production of the easily worn parts and quick-wear parts such as mixing blades, mixing arms and lining plates of mixing plants. Our products are made of chromium alloy and nichrom alloy after quenching and tempering treatment, which can effectively improve the quality and service life of products, so as to help our customers better control the operation cost of mixing plants and achieve a result of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Meanwhile, we are also equipped with an automatic production line to reduce the need for manual labor so as to boost production as well as greatly shorten the delivery time.

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