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The Brand New Screeds

The asphalt paver is used to enable the roller to perform the compaction process by providing an even surface layer and homogenous precompaction with enough stability. It’s reliable performance is the guarantee to achieve these requirements. All modern asphalt pavers are made up of two main units, a tractor and a floating screed.
Wheeled pavers can be operated more flexibly and suitable for laying unbound base materials and on unbound surfaces. Tracked pavers are of use to lay extra wide sections and on steep inclinations.
The screed changes the asphalt mix to an exact thickness, grade, crossfall and crown profile. The self-levelling floating screed is attached by side arms on either side of the tractor. Any surface unevenness will cause few vertical movements.
The desired thickness of the mix can be obtained by adjusting the toe points, which is the most intelligent design. Any movement of the two toe points upsets the equilibrium and leads to a rise or fall of the screed.
Today’s screeds are heated mainly by electricity while the older version, the gas-heated screeds are still available. Heat prevents the sole plate from picking up hot asphalt. 
The weight of screeds is the main parameter that has an influence on its’ ability to precompact the asphalt. The heavier the screed is, the better the precompaction. The VÖGELE AB500 TP2 screed is the heaviest one we offer from our extensive VÖGELE fleet, whose performances are excellent. Compaction systems are used to assist precompaction but also facilitate the screed to float. Whether choosing tamping and/or vibrating screed relys on the applications as well as the mix types, layer thickness, local preferences and specifications. 
Xuzhou Chengzhi Construction, as a supplier of spare parts, offers a variety of machine accessories of pavers. If you have any questions about our products, you are welcome to contact us to acquire more detailed information. We are aimed at providing the customers with high-quality products and serving the clients to their ultimate satisfaction. We sincerely hope to build more long-term business relationships.

Post time: Jul-28-2021