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Crusher hammerhead

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The high-chromium alloy hammerhead produced by our company is made of high chromium multi-element alloy steel loading with molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, niobium and other precious metal elements. After chemical water toughening, the processing hardness has been greatly improved. It integrates the advantages of high-chromium alloy including excellent wear resistance, high temperature oxygen resistance, corrosion resistance, with the superior toughness and machinability of cast steel, and thus enjoy an excellent wear resistance and impact resistance that single metal material difficult to achieve.

The high-chromium alloy hammerhead are widely used in building materials industries including brick factories, sand production and power plant pulverized coal, as well as in mineral crushing including shale crushing, coal gangue crushing, river pebble sand making and quartz fine crushing. The materials produced by high-quality hammerheads are fine and uniform in particle size, and are widely recognized by customers.

Why Choose High-Chromium Alloy Hammerhead

1.A high-chromium alloy hammerhead is hard but not brittle, tough and wear-resistant. The hammerhead is made of high-chromium alloy cast iron and the content of chromium and other elements can be adjusted according to the customer's working conditions, so as to achieve a balance of wear resistance and toughness;
2.There is no cold shut, crack, inclusion and other defects in the compact structured and fully combined double liquid alloy fusion parts of the casting. The casting enjoys high hardness, high wear resistance, excellent toughness and no fracture with an one-time casting molding. Therefore, the crusher hammerheads and board hammers made of double liquid alloy composite materials have longer service life;
3.A high-chromium alloy hammerhead has exquisite workmanship, rigorous ingredients and sound heat treatment;
4.The handle is made of low alloy steel, which has good toughness and is not easy to break. While the hammerhead is made of high-chromium alloy, which has good wear resistance. The high alloy material is applied to the working environment with strong impact force, and the hardness of the working part is over HRC62. The double liquid composite production process is used to organically combine the two parts with an one-time casting molding. Such a combination mode enlarges the characteristics of the two materials, so as to make the high-chromium alloy hammerhead hard but not brittle, tough but wear-resistant;
5.According to the working conditions, special ingredients are used, and all kinds of special-shaped crusher hammerheads are customized according to customers' drawings and samples;
6.The supporting surfaces of hammerheads shall be polished to ensure smoothness and flatness. Therefore, when you choose wear-resistant castings, you should avoid the beautified processing products such as repairing and painting, but choose wear-resistant parts with smooth surface, no pores, no sand inclusion and other casting defects.

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