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How pavers work

To transport floor with materials under high load transmission ranges, our company adopts the most wear-resistant, impact-resistant, high-strength materials, which are expected to serve a long period.

The design of transporting backplane is of great intelligence. In other words, its installation needs no screw, which can save a lot of time. By using a combination of highly wear-resistant material and high-strength conveyor chain, the service time of the machine is guaranteed to be long enough. Besides, wear-resistant alloy blade material is used as well to achieve the make the connection, achieve convenient installation and also to extend the service life.

Its function is to move the material from the hopper to spiral blade. Small paving thickness is mostly completed by horizontal transporting while large and medium-sized paving thickness is typically through slanting ascending transporting.

The working principle of transporting floor paver can be described as this: The chain drives the horizontal scraper to slide on the floor. With the accumulation of materials, the paver carries the materials through the gate, thus forming a certain flow of mobile materials, which continues climbing to the top of the spiral blade. The essential points of the design of transporting system of paver scraper are as follows: Firstly, the speed of a scraper will be calculated to meet the requirements of the paver productivity; Then, the scraper’s power will gradually adjust till it meets the demands of the paver power. Therefore, the paver can be turned into the operating motion and work well.

We Xuzhou Chengzhi Construction, as a supplier of the spare parts of the transporting floor machine, offers a variety of machine accessories, including the backplane of the paver. If you have any questions about our products, you are welcome to contact us to acquire more detailed information. We are aimed at providing the customers with high-quality products and serving the clients to their ultimate satisfaction. Generally, we are sincerely looking forward to more long-term business cooperation and we will definitely keep advancing to create a more promising future.
How pavers work

Post time: Jul-28-2021