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  • How pavers work

    How pavers work

    To transport floor with materials under high load transmission ranges, our company adopts the most wear-resistant, impact-resistant, high-strength materials, which are expected to serve a long period. The design of transporting backplane is of great intelligence. In other words, its installation ...
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  • The Brand New Screeds

    The asphalt paver is used to enable the roller to perform the compaction process by providing an even surface layer and homogenous precompaction with enough stability. It’s reliable performance is the guarantee to achieve these requirements. All modern asphalt pavers are made up of two main units...
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  • Newly Established Branches in Xinjiang to Better Serve Five Central Asian Countries

    According to customs statistics, the total value of Xinjiang’s foreign trade[ The total import and export value of foreign trade in Xinjiang refers to the total import and export value of Xinjiang enterprises at national ports.] in the first five months of 2021 was CNY 51.55 billion has see...
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  • Operation Manual for the Ultrasonic Balance Beam

    36-Beam Non-Contact Ultrasonic Balancing Beam Operating Instructions Good Quality Comes From Specialty Chapter 1 Controller Operation Instructions This system is operated by Chinese and English menu, which is intuitive and convenient. Please read this manual instruction...
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