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Paver auger blade

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Paver auger blade

The spiral blade of paver is composed of blade and spiral. The position of the blade is different from that of the material, which can play a good role in moving or controlling the material. Although the blade of the paver is only a small and inconspicuous accessory, but its performance affects the conveying and distributing system of the paver directly. High quality paver blade shall be able to cope with all kinds of extreme wear environment, and with good wear resistance that allows a higher service life. Therefore, it is necessary to use better wear-resistant materials while making the spiral blades. Moreover, the blade of paver shall also be equipped with higher toughness. The spiral blades of the paver are mainly used in the distributing screw conveyer. The distributing screw conveyer is composed of the screw of large diameter blades with The left and right spiral shafts fixed on the frame that installed in the rear sprocket movable gear box and driven by the left and right transmission chains or gears respectively. The spiral blades of the paver produced by our company conforms to DIN, JIS, EN, ASTM, and GB cast steel standards (Chromium Alloy: 5% to 30% Cr, HRC: 45-68 HRC, Nichrom Alloy: 3% - 7% Ni, 1.5% - 9% Cr), with strong hardness and high wear resistance. The spiral blades produced by our company are suitable for pavers of major brands such as Vogele, ABG, Volvo, Dynapac, Bomag, XCMG and SANY. Meanwhile, we also provide customized services that allows you to send samples or drawings directly to us, and we will respond to the production mold in time and carry out tests such as hardness to make the production available after the test past, and then pack and send it to you after polishing and other necessary processes.

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