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Living paper series blade

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Living paper series blade

Xuzhou Chengzhi Machinery Toll CO,.LTD. Is the key enterprise specialized in the production of industrial blades,we rely on many years of professional knives and mould manufacturing experience,according to the different needs of customers to provide the best die blade,to meet the needs of customers,the factory specializing in the production of metallurgy,metallurgy disc slitting blades,blade metallurgical heat shears,ship cold shears cutting blades,corrugated box blade,cutting blade,bending machine dies,shear blades,were-resistant alloy fittings according to user requirements of manufacturing drawings.
After our company for a long time of continuous efforts and innovation,research and development to produce high-performance paper cutting big swing round knife,on the basis of the original greatly enhance the wear resistance,heat resistance,trace element to add also makes the blade has a stronger cutting force.By our company research and development pf ceramic grinding wheel also greatly enhance the service life of blade,cutting paper more beautiful.

Why choose us

Strict process flow
Twenty years of experience,well aware of the characteristics of various materials,familiar with different label materials.According to the use condition of different customers,selection of various well-known brands of different materials.

In addition to research and development of various types of heat treatment equipment,in the factory to do the best control,commissioned at home and abroad well-known heat treatment company for the most advanced heat treatment,increase the toughness and hardness of the toll.

In addition to the design and development of special machinese to reduce costs,the use of various types of CNC processing machinery to ensure accuracy,but also the use of Germany,Japan and other advanced countries to manufacture the most precies grinding bed for the most sophisticated processing.

Process control system,reduce human error.The implementation of a comprehensive quality control,so that each process has quality control.The factory has to go through strict quality inspection.

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