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exchange worktable fiber laser cutting machine

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Laser cutting achine numerical control system

Simple professional operation interface
A high-end intelligent and professional system for ultra-high power fiber laser cutting requirements.Stable and reliable,easy to deploy,easy to debug,safe production,rich functions,excellent performance and other characteristics,Is currently the market’s most advanced dedicated laser cutting system.
Easier production management
Processing and drawing are separated to ensure the stable opreation of processing equipment,and support remote network push and management of processing tasks;Provide one-key calibration,laser alignment,nozzle replacement,cleaning nozzle and other automatic procedures of rapid and safe maintenance equipment;Realize safe and flexible layout reproduction through visual AIDS;
Monitor and recordd equipment status and information.provide standard test automation procedures to facilitate remote and rapid troubleshooting;
Optimize capacitance following model to achieve safe access to plate processing and following rack;
Collect the use data of equipment components,and intelligently remind customers to maintain the equipment reasonably to extend the service life;
Analzye the relationship between machining track and idle track in real time,resonably judge the lift state of idle cutting head.improve the machining efficiency and ensure the safety of cutting head.
For your quick return on investment
The track accuracy is 0.005mm,the positioning accuracy is 0.001mm,and the reoeat positioning accuracy is 0.002mm Maximuim,acceleration 5G,maximum cutting speed 150m/min,maximum displacement speed 300m/min

General series model

Precision sheet metal cutting and processing of the mainstream model,retains the characteristics of high-power heavy machine tools.focus on precision high-speed cutting;Equipped with professional non-ferrous metal(copper.aluminum.stainless steel,molybdenum)cutting expert data,standard with fiber laser(power 6000W),to help you harvest faster and more widely...

Advantage IN

1.Give you a green operating environment(fully enclosed structure)
2.Extremely high cutting stability
3.More precise
5.Repeat positioning accuracy of switch table:±0.05mm
6.XY axis has mechanical positioning,saving time to find side
7.X axis integral aviation aluminum die casting forming
8.00THE X-axis plane precision is detected by grade I marble flat plate≤0.03mm

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